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Jinshan.com: Jiangsu University held the second "green painting countryside" Youth Cultural and creative design competition
Author: Reviewer: Ma Chengcheng

In order to further implement the deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to further promote the construction of beautiful Jiangsu and further implement the action of "four youth march into rural areas", the Youth League and provincial Party committee, together with the Provincial Department of natural resources, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, the provincial agricultural and rural department, and the Provincial Department of culture and tourism, jointly held the second Provincial Youth Cultural and creative design competition. According to the schedule of the competition, today (November 26), Zhenjiang Municipal Youth League Committee and Jiangsu University Youth League Committee successfully held the second Jiangsu Province "green painting countryside" Youth Cultural and creative design competition special lecture of Jiangsu University.


During the activity, Huang Jia, the gold medal winner of the professional group of the first "green painting village" competition, shared the experience of the competition on the topic of "I have a home in the countryside". The relevant responsible comrades of the Communist Youth League and Provincial Committee comprehensively interpreted the arrangement of the second competition. The activity site also invited the person in charge of the second "green painting village" competition base to promote the base, explain the value and significance of the competition through the form of "Online + offline", describe the rural development, mobilize the youth to participate actively, so as to arouse the emotional resonance of the youth and mobilize the youth to participate in the Rural Revitalization.


In the next step, Zhenjiang Youth League Municipal Committee will actively implement and promote the province's "green painted countryside" Youth Cultural and creative design competition, organize relevant professional young designers and college students to enter the countryside and approach the villagers, encourage them to actively voice their voice and boldly innovate in the planning and design of Zhenjiang beautiful countryside, so as to make Zhenjiang a favorite living place for young people Punch in place and talent gathering place for innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to attract more young people to fall in love with Zhenjiang, take root in Zhenjiang, help the countryside "gorgeous turn" with the youth brush, and draw a beautiful new blueprint for Zhenjiang's development. (correspondent Li Bingying, reporter Zhang Ming)

Link to the original text: http://www.jsw.com.cn/2021/1126/1664108.shtml

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