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Jiangsu economic network: Discussion on "Jiangnan art heritage and reconstruction" by provincial graduate academic innovation forum
Author: Reviewer: Ma Chengcheng

Jiangnan is a fascinating topic, and the involvement of art scholars in Jiangnan has become a trend of development. On September 25, 2021 Jiangsu province graduate "Jiangnan art heritage and reconstruction" academic innovation forum was successfully held in Zhenjiang. More than 160 graduate students from 37 universities and research institutes participated in the forum.

The forum is sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Art Graduate Education Steering Committee, and hosted by Graduate School of Jiangsu University and Art College of Jiangsu University. Taking "Jiangnan art heritage and reconstruction" as the theme, the forum further discussed the representative art works and unearthed cultural relics in Jiangnan area and the new trend and new ideas of the contemporary development of Jiangnan art centering on "things", "history", "beauty" and "use". Professor Gu Ping of Nanjing Academy of art took the late Northern Song Dynasty "poetic painting": a case of interpretation of "Jiangnan context" and "relationship between poetry and painting" as the theme. Zhang Hongwei, director of the Institute of palace studies of the Palace Museum, made academic reports on the theme of "the taste of Jiangnan in the tired qinzhai".

Professor Li Hong, School of fine arts, Nanjing Normal University, Zhao Jian, Professor Shang Yong, Professor Ren Junwei of Capital Normal University, Jin Jianrong of Huaiyin Normal University, Dong song of Anhui art museum, Wang Zhaoyu of Suzhou University and several professors of Art School of Jiangsu University serve as academic moderators and experts in academic review.

The 20 graduate representatives who participated in the forum also conducted four special academic reports on the four themes of "Jiangnan art history", "version discrimination and origin", "Jiangnan art archaeology" and "creation and women's space".

In recent years, the fine arts discipline of Jiangsu University has devoted itself to the teaching and research of Jiangnan art history theory. This forum is one of the series of academic activities about Jiangnan art research in the school of art of Jiangsu University. By digging into the classics and exploring new knowledge, it provides a high planning and wide vision exchange and learning platform for experts and scholars in the fields of art and design.

Zhang Tongbiao and Zhu Li new

Link to the original text: http://www.jseconomy.com/#/public/info?id=13877

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