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The Party committee of the Academy of Arts held the 2021 annual work report meeting of grassroots Party branch secretaries on Party Building
Author: Reviewer: Chen Kaikai

On the morning of December 21, the Party committee of the Academy of Arts held a 2021 Work Conference on the work report and assessment of grassroots Party branch secretaries in the art building in room 1302 of the art building. The meeting was presided over by secretary Zhu Lixin of the Party committee. Han Rong, vice secretary of the Party committee, fan Yirong, vice president of the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee attended the meeting. All the faculty members, the Secretary of the student Party branch and the director of the Party Affairs Office of the college attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Party branch secretaries under the Party committee of the college made detailed exchanges and exhibitions on the implementation of the three sessions and one course, theoretical study, theme education, Party Day activities, collection of Party fees, construction of "double leaders", standardization of Party branches and implementation of ideological work, The main problems existing in the branch work and rectification measures were also reported truthfully. Secretary Zhu Lixin commented on the work reports of each branch. After the report, secretary Zhu Lixin fully affirmed the work of each branch and put forward several requirements and hopes for each branch. He pointed out that the main problems are: first, the professional ability of Party building work of grass-roots party branches is insufficient, and the subjective attention is not enough; Second, the implementation of the "three meetings and one lesson" of the Party branch is not enough, and the independent party day activities are not enough; Third, the integration and development of Party building and business is not enough; Fourth, the vanguard role of Party members is not obvious. He called on all branches to further strengthen the study of political theory, especially the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and Xi Jinping's Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, further implement the basic organizational life system of "three meetings and one lesson", actively promote the deep integration and two-way development of Party building and business, and combine the branch work with the Department's teaching and scientific research, The student Party branch combines the construction of Party branch with professional learning, discipline competition and innovation and entrepreneurship activities to promote the construction of standardization, standardization, quality and characteristics of Party branch work.

After the report, the secretaries of each branch conducted mutual evaluation in accordance with the detailed rules for assessment and grading of Party branch work of the Academy of Arts, and the leaders and Party committee members of the college also evaluated the work of each branch. Grassroots Party branch secretaries pay close attention to the development of Party building work report and assessment work, which has effectively promoted the construction of grass-roots party branches in the college. Through exchanges and discussions, Party branch secretaries have expressed that they will further improve the work of the Party branch, actively forge ahead, work hard, and make positive contributions to the development of the school and the college. (Art College)

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