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The opening ceremony of "rural sample international integrated design and innovation" Summer School of Jiangsu Province was successfully held in Jiangsu University
Author: Reviewer: Chen Kaikai

On the morning of July 20, sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Art Graduate Education Steering Committee, jointly hosted by the Graduate School of Jiangsu University and the art school of Jiangsu University, the opening ceremony of the summer school of "rural sample · international integrated design and innovation" was successfully held in the 1302 smart classroom of the school of art of Jiangsu University. The opening ceremony was conducted both offline and online, Professor Zhang Linghao, vice president of Jiangnan University, Professor Quanli, vice president of Jiangsu University, Professor Steven, Jinshan scholar of Jiangsu University, and all leaders of the school of art of Jiangsu University attended the opening ceremony. Some graduate supervisors and representatives of the school of art of Jiangsu University attended the offline opening ceremony, More than 100 graduate students from more than 20 universities at home and abroad, including Tongji University, Beijing University of technology, Shanghai University and Illinois Champaign university attended the opening ceremony through Tencent conference.

At the opening ceremony, the vice president of Jiangsu University delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of the University, he introduced the development process, teaching staff, discipline construction and personnel training of Jiangsu University to the leaders, experts and students attending the meeting. He encouraged the students of summer school to actively explore, cooperate and study hard, and put forward the advanced design concept, teaching staff, discipline construction and personnel training The design scheme of grounding gas is solidly done on the rural land.

Professor Zhang Linghao, vice chairman of Jiangsu Art Postgraduate Teaching Steering Committee and vice president of Jiangnan University, delivered a speech on behalf of Jiangsu Art Postgraduate Teaching Steering Committee. Professor Zhang Linghao said that the Graduate Summer School project is an attempt of a new teaching mode combining academic exchange and quality education of graduate students, aiming to broaden the academic vision of graduate students, stimulate innovative thinking and improve the quality of graduate education. Jiangsu Province Art Graduate Education Committee will continue to support the development of our school, support our school discipline construction to a new level.

Zhu Lixin, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of Arts of Jiangsu University, and Han Rong, President of the College of Arts, introduced the discipline construction, postgraduate education and the specific arrangements of the summer school for the leaders, experts and students. Jinshan scholar of Jiangsu University and Professor Steven of the University of Idaho made a speech on behalf of the instructor.

With the theme of "design going to the countryside, intelligence going to the countryside, and creativity going to the countryside" as the theme, the school aims to promote the improvement of rural living environment and the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. Facing the international vision, absorbing advanced concepts, following the mission of Jiangsu University, Jiangsu University has always adhered to the development of agricultural engineering machinery and equipment, focusing on the rural revitalization, rural construction, rural planning, rural IP Rural agricultural products packaging and other issues related to agriculture carried out theoretical research and project practice. Based on the local characteristics of Zhenjiang, the summer school makes full use of the high-quality resources of Zhenjiang regional culture, starting from the aspects of village planning and design, landscape and functional building design, public service facilities design, characteristic tourist souvenir design, traditional handicraft, community collaborative innovation mechanism design, etc., based on the advanced knowledge and concept of learning, the school boldly assumes and carefully verifies, We should actively explore ideas, plans and methods to reshape the economic, cultural and ecological quality of rural areas, study and explore the design concept and practice mode of rural communities, so as to provide theoretical support and practical basis for the construction of modern rural civilization in China.

14 top experts, including international famous teachers, inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and senior professors, are invited to introduce the latest research results and excellent rural construction practice cases at home and abroad by means of online lectures, design workshops and field visits.

This summer school of Jiangsu Province held in Jiangsu University actively explored the interactive mode of postgraduate training, and established mutual learning, communication and communication for graduate students in related professional fields such as exploration of new concept of agricultural equipment and marketing mode of agricultural products, value mining of intangible cultural heritage culture and traditional handicraft, community planning, creative design of public facilities, rural aesthetic education and rehabilitation art planning The academic platform of common progress is of great significance to promote the continuous improvement of regional postgraduate training quality.



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