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Always follow the steps of the sun, let the spring without regret

——Dong Yue: the story behind the 2016 outstanding graduates

Personal profile: He was the president of the student union. He has won three national scholarships, several first-class and second-class scholarships, a three good student model, and outstanding communist Youth League cadres. He has published 1 provincial journal paper, 3 Chinese core papers, 1 conference paper and 1 appearance patent.

The story behind it: Heaven is strong, and a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement. Seven years ago, with my dream in mind, I started my beautiful and arduous journey to university.
During the undergraduate period, with a passion and enthusiasm for the profession, I started my art journey. The studio has become the "engine" to witness my efforts, and the library has become the "engine" to inspire my design inspiration. In today's complicated art design trend, how to form a unique and innovative art design style has become the primary task of a designer. In order to give full play to my potential, I take every professional course seriously. After class, I actively exchange ideas with teachers and students, listen to the careful guidance of predecessors, find out the shortcomings, learn from experience, and constantly clarify the direction of art design. Go to its pedantic design style and impetuous reality, take its advanced and innovative thinking concept, concentrate on research.
After four years of hard work, the research has been carried out smoothly. The pace of creation and the course of art are bound to be accompanied by bitter hardships. During his postgraduate study, he actively participated in various project practices and participated in the tutor's research group to study the design of traditional handicrafts of many ethnic minorities. He went to Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan Province to do research on the design of De'ang silver ornaments. During the master's degree and undergraduate period, professional study let me more comprehensive contact and learn the knowledge of art and design, so as to further improve my knowledge reserve and artistic accomplishment.
Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, design is a kind of casual work, and artistic life is infatuated with and pursued by people. However, at Jiangda, the spirit of "erudite, realistic, and moral" motto makes me firmly believe that on the way to study, we should always make unremitting efforts, be sensitive to thinking and practice, cultivate learning and energy storage, advocate morality, and strive to move forward!
Growth experience: In the wonderful seven years of Jiangda, I have grown from an ignorant youth to a complacent youth. Thanks to my teachers and classmates for enriching my university because of you; Once beautiful will be deeply stored in the bottom of my heart, there is still a long way to go in the future, the real society requires us to continue to move forward. Therefore, what we should do is to meet the sun tomorrow with beautiful memories, believe in ourselves, strive to grasp, and always follow the steps of the sun, so that the spring without regret.

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